A. StudIgnite Program

It is a student engagement program structured to promote entrepreneurship and innovation across the institutions. The program delivers entrepreneurship-oriented sessions, experience sharing, inspirational talks, awareness classes and workshops. This program provides enough exposure for the students to ideate start-up/entrepreneurship and give access to many opportunities to work on their ideas, brings solution to the problems & unmet-needs and involves friends to be the partner in the process. It is also a platform where the students can bring their ideas and get validated and graduate to be a start-up. The objective is to enable students to convert their ideas by eliminating the barriers of limited access and helping them to build their dreams to come true.

Next StudIgnite program scheduled: 9th February 2021

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B. FacPreneurs Program

Under this program the faculty members and laboratory instructors of institutions are engaged to raise the awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation and an opportunity available to them in the domain. It provides comprehensive training to make them involved as key stakeholders in the start-up and innovation movement.

Next FacPreneur program is scheduled: 8th February 2021
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C. On Boarding Program

This program is to enhance the on boarding process of start-ups at our incubation centre in a structured way. It is comprised of boot camps, seminars, workshops, etc. which are focused to accelerate the skill sets and guide the road towards a sustainable start-up.

Next On Boarding program is scheduled: 23 rd March 2021

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D. Industry Connect Session

This program is designed to bring industry and connect the start-ups with them. This will create a unique market access opportunity for start-ups. The start-up can get the hand holding support from both the incubator and the industry throughout the process of product development. This also enables the start-ups to pitch for further fund from interested industries.

E. Let’s Share & Grow

This program focus to invite the interested students / faculties / employees with their ideas and hand hold them to bring it up to a new start-up stage.