The start-ups are provided with facilities of world class and modern amenities to expand their start-ups to sustainable business. The working space has built with dedicated build up space for start-up teams equipped with facilities & services to make each workstation a productive hub apart from the other co-working space.

­ Incubation Space

Dedicated space of 16,000 square feet allocated for the incubation centre and currently 12,000 square feet area is in utilization. Additional 10,000 square feet for Co-working space for the start-ups. The space also hosts many start-up events for start-up community and constantly invite and host Mentors, Community, Government and Industry key personalities.


The Incubator has enough state-of-the-art computers to accommodate around 10 to 15 start-ups and their staff at the dedicated office space. The University campus, our host institution, is having more than 1000 computers to work with if so additionally required.

Conference & Seminar Halls

The incubator is equipped with 3 Meeting rooms for the business development discussions, 2 conference rooms to accommodate more people for discussions and 1 seminar hall which can accommodate about 200 people to conduct seminars / workshops.

­ Class Rooms

The class rooms of centre can

accommodate 75 to 90 Participants.

R & D, Analytical & Synthesis Labs

Equipped with high-end Analytical and    R&D instruments with industrial standards that helps the incubates to development the product in house only with all specific need based sampling, testing , prototyping etc. Introduction of new NMR-400 machine in our NMR lab, gives more support for the researchers and start-ups in this field to keep minimum development time with accuracy.


Housed with 5,450 Sq. Ft, having more than 13,500 books, 100+ Journals, and 60+ periodicals and other reference materials with 15 computers for online & e-library access. Our library has the member ship from British Library, NDL, DELNET. The library has also activated the NPTEL local chapter and Web OPAC services.

Lab Space 

  • Analytical Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Lab
  • Life Science & Bio Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Autoclave & General Instrumentation Labs
  • Cell Culture Labs
  • Microbiology Lab


  • Air conditioned offices & labs
  • 24Hr internet service
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Uninterrupted Power
  • Other office stationeries

Other Amenities in the campus

  • Canteen
  • Athletic Ground
  • Space for Indoor Games
  • Green Lawns
  • Football ground
  • Guest House


The incubation centre is equipped with all sorts of the resources for the start-ups to get nurture and grow in the right direction towards a sustainable business platform under the guidance of the eminent mentors. Though there are many such direct & indirect services are provided to start-up at our centre, we do not compromise on the quality of the facilities & Services that we offer.

  • Periodic Training / Seminars / Workshop
  • Nurturing the idea through domain experts
  • Assisting the company formation and other related activities
  • Facilitation of applying grants and other funding
  • Facilitation of IPR services
  • Providing dedicated office space and labs
  • Access to various R&D labs, Analytical labs, Bio labs, Board Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Seminar Hall, Computer Labs, Library etc.
  • 24Hrs internet facility
  • Day to day support for transforming the idea to final product / service
  • Seed funding
  • Assisting the commercialization of the product / services
  • Match Making: Connecting to industry, financial institutions, market solutions, angel investors, venture capitalists etc.

The incubation centre is also extending its additional services to the companies in this domain; apart from the above services to make their new projects or existing productivity growth:


  • Assisting in new project design / development
  • Technical Training / Seminars / Workshop on specific domains
  • Experts interaction for Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Assisting to solve any existing problems in design or development

Early Feed Support


  • Pre-seed fund of Rs 25,000/- to every selected start-up that enable them to prove their concepts.
  • To apply, kindly fill up the incubation form


  • Support of Rs 20,000/- to meet the expenses for filing the patent.